Spain Business Directories & Local SEO Citations List

These are the business directories (citation sources) that we’re targeting for clients who need to compete in Spain. It’s a pretty diverse list, with standard classifieds and some highly-selective Spanish business directories. The registration might be more complicated for some of them, but they wouldn’t be on this list if they weren’t both accessible and worth the time. After you browse the list, look for the tips that follow about selling in Spain.

While we lay out a full list of directories below to get started for free, many of our customers prefer to have our team handle all the hard work. Check out our local citation building service if you want to have our experts do the work for you.

Best Business Directories in Spain:

Website LinkDAFREE?Trust FlowCitation Flow

Spain really is one of the best places to break into selling online if you’re looking to break into the European market from North America. There are plenty of authoritative business directories to choose from, and many of them accept profiles written in English. For those that don’t accept English, translations to professional-quality Spanish are often far more affordable than the same quality of translation for German, Swedish or French.